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Building Pelagonija Skopje

LSG Building Solutions DOOEL signed a contract on the 21.04.2015. as a major contractor with the City of  Skopje for the project Pelagonija Skopje.

The subject of the contract is:

1. Extension of the facility (an additional 500m2 gross area) and restoration of the facade and part of the interior decoration

2. Installing a new system for heating and cooling for the entire object

3. New power distribution to building with security systems (fire safety)

4. New distribution of water supply and sewage for the object

The projected timeline for the execution is 12 months and the contract value is approximately € 1.6 million net.

Location is in the street Dimitrija Čupovskog 2, in the centre of Skopje (vicinity of victory arch “Porta Macedonia”), which represents a new logistical challenge for the company.