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Energy transmission in Russia: new solar power plants with a total of 30 MW connected to the grid

The second Russian solar park of the joint venture partners LSG Group and GILDEMEISTER energy solutions recently commenced operations in Russia’s south west. The large scale solar farm with a capacity of 15 MW was built in Astrachan Oblast. Yenotayevka makes up the second large scale solar park of the Russian subsidiary GILDEMEISTER LSG Solar Rus OOO after Volodarovka, 15 MW. Both solar parks are part of a government program to subsidies renewable energy in Russia. The joint venture, or more specifically their national affiliates, act as the main contractor for the project.

The development required the use of specific materials which meant at least fifty percent of products and services had to come from Russia. To ensure that the specifications were met a local inspection was carried out. Both parks feed into the public network and the decision was made to obtain a qualification for the Russian wholesale trade. This means that the clean energy the park produces can be officially traded at the Russian electricity stock exchange.

Yenotayevka solar park, located in one of the sunniest parts of Russia, will produce over 20 Gigawatt electricity each year. Over the last few months more than 55,000 modules were installed on an area of around 32 hectares.

Just like the previous project the park was developed through VERSHINA Development LLC and the GREEN SOURCE Gmbh was the co-developer. CORE VALUE CAPITAL GmbH provided the financial backing. Together they invited to the official opening and Russian television came to report on the successful launch: