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Hofer branches Trumau and Stockerau

After the successful business of Hofer KG in establishing and the tags in the branch business, LSG was commissioned with the establishment of the central, high and low power system for the two branches. The double of the two larger projects from the advertised Triple Pack was us a proof, that Hofer here gives the necessary trust us as a partner transfer. Special feature of the order intake is the consistency of preparation of basic and detailed costing, of the initial offer, offer review, contract negotiations and the upcoming settlement as a project team. There came a huge responsibility by preparing the main offer Roughly outlined, the two contracts represent the respective enlargement of the logistics  centre, the expansion of the existing dry camp and the extension of the existing frozen and cold store including technology. The administration building will be also expanded. Thus, the branches to good 2/3 of the existing area will be increased. Order details are the extension of medium voltage connection, extension and establishment of low-voltage installation, the entire lightning system, grounding, lightning protection and equipotential bonding  as well as the ICT facility. Because the large part of the installations in operation will be renewed, here the greatest regard for the optimized work processes is to take.

Furthermore the LSG is glad that we have received the order for the security systems and emergency lighting for the Viennese branches.

The lighting concept of the stores must be brought up to date in the course of the expansion and the renovations. The work will be implemented by July 2017 to February 2018 and includes a contract value approx. € 360.000.-

Order value of both projects: € 5.700.000.-

Presumable end of construction: Trumau Mai 2019 & Stockerau November 2019