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Amnis Energija d.o.o. obtained the permit for performing energy activities

The company Amnis Energija d.o.o. a member of the  LSG Group GmbH, which developed the photovoltaic  power plant Barban, was registered in February 2014.with HERA  Agency  in the register of licenses and is granted permission for an generating electrical energy.

During the third session on the 7. of February 2014 the Governing Council HERA (Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency), issued the following resolution on authorization for carrying out energy activities:

and decision on acquiring the status of privileged producer:


The license was issued under the registration number: 080724265-0693/14

This permit ranked the company Amnis Energy d.o.o. among the few companies that have the right to produce electricity in Croatia of which we are very proud.