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PV-Plant in Barban

LSG Building Solutions d.o.o. started as a EPC contractor with the preparation for the construction of the PV-Plant in Barban. The planned overall capacity is 1 MW, of which 570 kilowatts be realized in the first phase and 430 kilowatts in the second phase.

Amnis Energija d.o.o., a subsidiary of the LSG Group GmbH, started the project in the year 2010 on a plot of about 18.000m2 in the industry zone Barban. The extensive process with the getting all necessary permission and studies began in parallel among, other things, with following steps: preapproval for the network connection, preapproval for the production location, location permit, connection permit, building permit, approval as a eligible energy producer, energy supply contracts and many things more what lasted more than 2 years.

For the 1MW PV-Plant on a plot of 1,8 hectares 4170 solar modules have to be installed and the short time schedule of only two months will be an additional challenge for our Croatian LSG Team.

LSG Group is one of the most successful enterprises in south Eastern Europe concerning PV-Plants. Currently about 65 MW are in construction and until summer 2013 in operation.