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Rebranding CCO West phase F2 is still in progress

Phase 2 rebranding CCO West is still in progress and the works are on schedule and include:

  • Replacement of existing hanging metal halogen fixture in the mall with new LED light Disano Astro (saves electricity and illuminates better)
  • Installation RGB LED linear indirect lighting in the airspace under the skylight with a total of 390m (decorative lighting)
  • Installation RGB LED lamps “Giraffe” cover with a translucent surface. The system consists of 36 pieces of lights “Giraffe”, with a total luminous surface 100m2
  • The installation of LED linear lighting on the facade of the center with a total length of 200 m (For this part of the works LSG Building Solutions d.o.o. performed the construction works)

In this phase, all RGB lighting will have scenes, colors will be associated with the seasons (summer-cool colors, winter-warm colors) and with various events (eg. When they Croatia plays all will be red white).