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Shop Design „The Entire Package“

Not only International but also Croatian retail enterprises trust in our all-in solution. HUMANIC, Peek&Cloppenburg, ADIDAS, One2play, C&A, New Yorker, SAMSONITE, NIKE, DEICHMANN and a lot other count on Projekt Centrum. We proudly look back upon more than 30 shops with more than 25.000m2 in the first half-year 2009.

Due to our strong presence in the segment of the shopping centers as general contractor of technical services more and more International as well as Croatian retail chains are relaying to our services. We cooperate with HUMANIC, Peek&Cloppenburg, SAMSONITE, NIKE, ADIDAS, One2play, C&A, New Yorkers, DEICHMANN and many other brands. More than 30 Shops with a total area of over 25.000m2 were completed in the first half-year 2009.

Our team contributed with enormous engagement, in particular during the last days opening, and secured our customer on time finishing. Through the good preparation of documentation, certificates, acceptance tests and other necessary paper work all technical acceptance tests with the local authorities were finished with shorter extensions immediately positively. On this nevertheless great number of projects we look back satisfied and hope also to deliver a similar quality and performance of services to our clients in the second half year.

We wish all our customers a successful business in their new Outlets.