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LSG starts the construction of a new 20MW PV plant in Giurgiu

The PV plant will be connected to the 110kV grid, injecting into the Transelectrica-station Ghizdaru. The grid substation will be build to allow also for the connection of an additional 50MW plant, developed as „Gamma”-project also by LSG and Green Source.

Features of this project:

–                     Grid connection on 110kV network in Transelectrica station Ghizdaru

–                     Fully remote controllable energy substation with 110/20kV transformer with a
nominal power of 18/20 MVA, delivered by ABB

–                     Over 5 km of fence and almost 3 km of roads

–                     Support structure ca. 1100 tons of galvanized steel and 250 tons aluminium

–                     Over 80.000 polycrystalline modules 240 to 250W from Risen Solar

–                     22 pcs of SMA-inverters Sunny Central with a nominal power of 720/800kW

–                     11 pcs of 1600 kVA transformerstations 20/0,4kV with amourphos core
transformers with extremely reduced no load losses

–                     150 String combiner boxes type SKYTRON, each with up to 24 strings and 8
high precision measurement channels to monitor the strings

–                     Plant monitoring system from SKYTRON

–                     State of the art security system from GTS Automation GmbH