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LJG and the best steaks in town

Marriott was preparing the refurbishment of the main restaurant
in the five star Hotel since long time and for the execution only
the best companies were good enough. After presenting our offer
including the complete new ventilation systems, all necessary
adaptation works to the existing ventilation system, a ventilated
ceiling for the show kitchen, the integration of the new system in
the existing building management system and all necessary design
and supervision works, we could convince the client with our

The works have to be done partially during the night and the
complete design has to coordinated with the interior designer,
consultants, the client, all other companies on site and the
technical team from Marriott, in order to avoid any disturbances
for the guests.

Once finished everybody can enjoy a dinner in the new Marriott
restaurant, convincing himself about the job of LJG and the chief
cook, maybe they will not have only the best steaks in town …