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Photovoltaic parks in Austria

LSG BUILDING SOLUTIONS SRL as a subcontractor of LSG BUILDING SOLUTIONS GmbH, has the responsibility to provide a turnkey project. It will be divided into three individual photovoltaic parks:
– Mitterkirchen and Lobau, single axis tracker ground-mounted photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of 1.7 MW, respectively 5.6 MW;
– Vienna International Airport, ground-mounted photovoltaic system with an installed capacity of 20 MW.

The construction of a single axis tracker photovoltaic systems is a real challenge, because the margin of error imposed for building the support structure is very small. It should also be noted that in the case of the third photovoltaic park, the works will be done under high public attention, considering the prominent client and that this will be the biggest photovoltaic power production plant built in Austria.

The project will take place entirely in Austria, and our company will be responsible for:
– construction of fences;
– execution of the photovoltaic panel support structure;
– installation of photovoltaic panels;
– execution of all electrical connections;
– installing the monitoring system;
– medium voltage cabling.

The works on the first project, Mitterkirchen, have already begun and is scheduled for completion in July. In the following month, we start the works on the other two photovoltaic parks, Lobau and Vienna International Airport, which have to be completed by the end of the year.

The team of LSG Romania has now the advantage of a successful experience, such as the one in Hungary, where our company recently built 6 photovoltaic parks with an installed capacity of 65 MW.