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LJG develops the biggest photovoltaic power plant in Romania

LJG started to develop this project already at the beginning of
this year, buying the first 62 ha of land for the first phase
comprising a total power of 28 MW. After this the painstaking
process of obtaining all necessary approvals started, including
steps like PUZ (necessary approval to integrate the land in the
urban area), rededicating the land from agricultural land to
construction land, construction permits, solution study and the
grid connection approval.

Presently we have achieved all necessary approvals to start
construction works for phase 1 and the approval process for phase 2
shall be completed within 2 months.

As the project is currently the biggest fully developed
photovoltaic project on the market the interest of potential
investors was very big, but unfortunately the financing process is
slowed down due to the still unclear legal situation.

Based on the law 220/2008, regulating the support scheme for
renewable energy production, the production of electrical solar
energy shall receive 6 green certificates, which are necessary in
order to make the production of photovoltaic power feasible for
investors. Although the law received a positive approval from the
European Union this August, we have to still wait for the law being
finally applicable by issuing the necessary governmental

This decisions are expected for the end of September and as soon
as the law will be applicable we will conclude all financial
contracts in order to start the construction project. LJG Building
Solutions shall be also the EPC-contractor for the complete
execution works. The grid connection will be realized with a 110/20
kV substation and an 110kV overhead line of ca. 2 km length !

Installing almost 200.000 photovoltaic power modules on nearly
100 ha ground in just a few months will be another great challenge
for the Romanian LJG team !