Cernavoda Windfarm 33KV – Phase I

SC Cernavoda Power S.R.L.(EDP Renovables Portugal)

The project Cernavoda Windfarm is situated in the south-east part of Romania, in Constanta county near the town of Cernavoda and consists in 46 wind turbine generators with a total power of 138 MW. The project is divided in two phases, phase I has totally 23 turbines, each with 3 MW.

Scope of Services
We were contracted by the company Strabag as general contractor for the execution of the complete electrical infrastructure. The order included the installation of all medium voltage cables, low voltage cables, fiber optic cables (SCADA System), grounding wires between the wind turbines, foundation earthing system for the wind turbines and covered the complete supply, execution, connection and commissioning of the system.

Key Indicators
Total power of the plant :  69 MW
Number of turbines erected:  23
Power per wind turbine    3 MW
Total length of the MV cable trenches :  30.000 m
Total length of the MV cables: 85.000 m
Total length of the cooper wires: 22.500 m
Total length of the fiber optic cables: 30.000 m
Completion: January 2011

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All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023