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Certificates – Permissions – Memberships

LSG Group is a member since early April of 2013 in the Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA, which aims to support and develop the PV industry in Romania. The main scope of RPIA is to be a reliable partner and a trusted guide in Romania for companies involved in the solar/PV industry.

The goal of the association is to deliver precise market information to its members to allow them to build an effective and robust position in the future of the developing Romanian solar energy market.

LSG Building Solutions srl, a 100% daughter of LSG Group, received an award from Creditinfo Romania, being among 4% of the strongest companies in Romania in 2016. The criteria for the eligibility of this certification includes the highest quality standards from Creditinfo, among them to achieve this award are: 

  • low credit risk
  • Minimm 2 years active on the market
  • Turnover >100.000 RON for the last two financial years
  • Net profit positive for the last two financial years
  • Return on equity >15%
  • Current Liquidity >0,9
  • No debts to the state budget
  • Positive credit history

Receiving such an award in a tough economic period is more than a confirmation of our business strategy. LSG has always put the client first and set up new standards in quality, a strong financial position is the best basis to carry on with this strategy and to look forward for coming challenges.



Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority

Certificate no. 17920/19.01.2022

Certificate no. 15117/09.09.2019

Social responsibility policy statement



ISO Certifications

SR EN ISO 9001 – 2015 (ISO 9001 – 2015)

SR EN ISO 14001 – 2015 (ISO 14001 – 2015)

SR ISO 45001 – 2018 (ISO 45001 – 2018)

SR ISO-IEC 27001-2018 (EN ISO-IEC 27001-2017


Permit no. 9556 – 17.12.2019

Permit no. 9557 – 17.12.2019

Permit no. 9579 – 30.12.2019

Permit no. 9580 – 30.12.2019