Solar power from Siberia: How solar power plants grow in the world’s coldest country

to Siberia with love: under this motto, the LSG Group is celebrating the commissioning of 5 solar parks in Siberia this month, continuing its Russian success story.
Analogue to the previous projects accomplished in Russia, the realization of the solar power plants in the regions of Transbaikalia and Buryatia was also a collaborative effort of the joint venture Gildemeister LSG Beteiligungs GmbH, the investors Core Value Capital and Green Source GmbH from Austria as well as the Russian project developer Vershina Development.

The GLSG team, with their long experience as general contractors (EPC), celebrates the completion of five SolarPV plants with a total capacity of 75 MW within only six months. In addition to engineering, procurement and construction, we were also responsible for the localisation and qualification of the new solar parks. In the region of Buryatia, located east of Lake Baikal, solar power plants of 15 MW each were built at the sites Kabansk, Kyachta and Tarbagataisky. “There is a lot of sun in our region and the development of solar energy is a great perspective”, said Lukovnikov Evgeny Valentinowich, Vice-Chairman of the Buriatian Government for Infrastructure Development.
The concept for developing renewable energy sources in Russia pays special attention to local production of power generating plant. The degree of localisation is a decisive precondition in order to assure an economically viable project operation. Therefore, already during the planning of the systems, the team had to ensure, that chosen components comply with the localisation requirements.

The plants in the region of Buryatia as well as the plants “Balei” and “Orlowskiy GOK” (Chita, Transbaikalien) consist of 70% components produced in Russia which meet the high localization requirements. “Balei” and “Orlovkiy GOK” are the first 100% private-sector owned and financed solar power plants in the Transbaikalia region under the program “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Transbaikalia Region”. The PV plants are located in one of Russia’s sunniest cities – Chita. In 2018 the city had more than 2,500 hours of sunshine with a maximum temperature of 40° C. The solar power plants are forecasted to produce almost 40 gigawatt hours of electricity a year, which will benefit remote areas without a central power supply. “We are happy about every new project, especially when it comes to energy supply. Each of these PV systems has an output of 15 megawatts and the generated energy will be distributed exactly where it is most needed. The government is looking forward to investors coming to Transbaikalia and we will continue to provide them with our full support in such projects,” said Marat Mirkhaidarov, Deputy Prime Minister of the region at the opening ceremony on 31.10.2019.

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