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Competence in Cinemas

After Split, LJG, is building, as the main contractor, also the Zagreb location for the Austrian Cineplexx Group. LJG will build in total 7 movie theatres for the Cineplexx Group. Apart from the traditional analogue techniques, digital technique will also be used and some of the theatres will be equipped with the latest sound technique.

Apart from the TGA package (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary facilities, electro-technique, regulating technique, safety technique and low voltage plants) LJG is also providing construction for the total area and therefore undertakes responsibility, as the main contractor.

The already standing, roughly built City Center One in Zagreb – Žitnjak, was selected as the location, which shall therefore surely belong to the top locations in Zagreb.

We wish Cineplexx a lot of success with their now 3rd movie in the Croatian market!

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