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Joining forces conquering Slovakia

LSG Zagreb and Belgrade are working together on a new task, in another new market for us, Peek & Cloppenburg in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Since we have proven to be a good partner on several projects, the investor engaged us on this project as well. Our experience, in management, execution and procurement of appropriate equipment and materials on similar projects were more than a good reason for the investors choosing us.

This is a demanding task because it is a foreign project, which entails many challenges such as obtaining permits for travelling, delivery of materials and equipment and restrictions caused by COVID.

LSG is responsible for the design and construction of high and low voltage, video surveillance, access and security control, as well as the installation of EAS, ambient sound, BMS system, heating, cooling and ventilation, and water supply and sewerage. All systems include commissioning, issuance of the necessary certificates and attestations and training of employees.

The total area of the store will be about 3600m2 and the store will be on 2 floors. The store also has its own detection room from which continuous surveillance and monitoring of the entire store is performed (video surveillance, access control and EAS). It also has a visitor counting system as well as a NETVICO information monitor.