Completed works in Jakovlje at the Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce parts factory

Unlike many investments that are pending due to shortages of raw materials and supplies, thanks to its experience and professionalism, LSG Building Solutions d.o.o. completed the contracted works at the aircraft parts factory in Jakovlje in December.

The contract was signed with Strabag d.o.o. for heating, water supply, sewerage and hydrants, ventilation, cooling, fire protection, electrical works and MSR.

The factory will produce parts for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Rolls-Royce. The Austrian company FACC announced the Croatian investment in mid-2019. The main challenge for the investor is the crisis in the aviation industry caused by the global pandemic, but here, production has now started to everyone’s satisfaction.

The arrival of this great entrepreneur has a great impact on all segments of life in the municipality of Jakovlje and beyond. The factory plans to employ about 450 workers.

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All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023

All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023