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A new contract signed by LSG – PPD WAREHOUSE

In November 2018, EPSTEIN Architecture & Engineering entrusted our company with the project PPD Warehouse in Dragomiresti Vale.

Epstein is a multidisciplinary design and construction company focused on serving customers, empowering their own employees and strengthening their internal communities.

The project called “PPD Warehouse” has a total area of ​​approximately 10.000 m2, 1.000 m2 representing the administrative area and the rest being used for alcoholic beverages storage. The free height for the storage space is 12 m.

As a general contractor, LSG Building Solutions will execute the following types of works: heating, cooling, ventilation, indoor and outdoor lighting, interior and exterior hydrants, fire extinguishing, weak currents (fire detection, CCTV, access control) and water irrigation solutions.

The contract has a total value of approximately EUR 1.400.000.