A new project in Hungary

For our team, May 2020 started with a new project in Hungary. LSG BUILDING SOLUTIONS SRL as a Contractor of LSG BUILDING SOLUTIONS GmbH has the responsibility to deliver a turnkey project of a ground-mounted photovoltaic system with a total DC-power of 65MWp.

To provide a general picture of the project, the PV plant developed in Hungary is implemented according to KAT system legislation (producers of renewable energy with a performance under 0,5MW). Due to the Hungarian regulations, the entire project is divided in 130 individual PV plants, each with 0,5 MW installed capacity and its own transformer and production meters.

The investment includes 6 big projects: Nyirbogdany, Nyirbator, Balassagyarmat, Szod 1, Szod 2, GOD, the biggest one having more than 16MWp.

LSG Romania as an EPC contractor has to face multiple challenges and is in charge with the following works:
– design adaptation and coordination with the main distribution utility lines for gas pipe, electricity (high voltage 22kV and 110 kV) and telecommunication;
– 130 building permit modifications and adaptation in 3 different districts according to Hungarian and local legislation;
– installation of 130 medium voltage station 630KVA;
– installation of 8 km medium voltage production cable line between MVSG and DNO substation (EON, ELMU-EMASZ);
– installation of 4 km medium voltage production cable line between MVSG and DNO substation (EON, ELMU-EMASZ);
– execution of two Horizontal Directional Drilling about 250 m each one for undercrossing the motorway and not only;
– perimetral fence protection and video surveillance using CCTV thermal cameras and PTZ cameras;
– installation of 50 km external and internal fence;
– installation of around 150 km of medium voltage cable;
– installation of more than 1 million meters of solar cable.

This project is extremely complex, so our dedicated team makes all the effort to complete everything successfully until June 2021.

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All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023

All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023