LSG is once again a pioneer and leader in technology, this time in Battery Energy Storage Systems

LSG Romania started the construction works for a 7 MW Battery Energy Storage System, the first and biggest storage system in Romania used for automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (short form aFRR, a form of grid balancing).

Battery Energy Storage Systems (short from BESS) will become more and more important in the coming years, especially in the context of massive new investments in renewable energy production in the next decade. Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems can help achieve grid stability which is vital for a reliable electricity network.

The contract was signed already in November 2021 and after finishing the basic design works early this year the construction permit was obtained in March 2022. The location was chosen to be near to a grid operator substation close to Bucharest and is owned by the beneficiary Megalodon Storage SRL. The construction works will be finished already in June and followed by extensive testing works and the qualification process with the TSO Transelectrica.

The storage system operates a NMC-type lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 6 MWh, produced in Romania and a total output power of 7 MW using 2 central battery inverters from SMA to inject directly into the medium voltage grid of the local grid operator ENEL Distributie Muntenia. The investor Megalodon Storage SRL plans to double the installed power to 14 MW in a phase 2 development after the successful energization and start of operation of the first phase of the project.

LSG as EPC-contractor is responsible for the complete design of the BESS, delivery of all components including SCADA-system, construction, testing and qualification process with the TSO Transelectrica. The battery modules are liquid cooled and have a redundant water cooling system designed specially by LSG for the optimum cooling of each single battery cell. The BESS will have also a unique fire protection system designed by LSG with an early detection for “OFF-GAS”, aspiration smoke detectors and a double stage extinguishing system using inert gas and a high pressure water mist system.

The technical and commercial operation and maintenance will be done by our specialized in-house team from Green Source Energy Management SRL, the dispatching service between the storage system and the national dispatcher from Transelectrica will be performed by the LSG owned company SC&DC SRL (System Control & Dispatching Company SRL).

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All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023