New general contract is signed

After the purchase of Ohridska Banka AD (part of the Societe General Bank Group) by Sparkasse AD in 2018 and after the merging of these two banks in the Republic of Northern Macedonia in 2021, a new large banking entity Sparkasse AD Skopje was created, which belongs to the top 5 banks in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

In May 2021, LSG Building Solutions DOOEL and Sparkasse AD Skopje signed a new general contract for the execution of the construction and installation works for all future needs of the new bank about adaptation and renovation of their business facilities, existing and new ones, in the entire territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

This collaboration resulted with completion of numerous branch offices all over the territory of Macedonia. Starting from the city of Skopje all the way to Prilep, Gostivar, Bitola, Kicevo, Veles.

In the past two years, LSG has completed 19 contracts for the renovation of business premises, with an average time of realization of the adaptation and total reconstruction of one bank’s business premises within 5 calendar weeks.

Around 3.000m² were adjusted according to the investors new branding.

LSG were engaged to perform construction works, electrical and mechanical installations.

Since the feedback is positive this collaboration is still ongoing.

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All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023

All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023