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LSG Romania has completed the connection works for the 7 MW Battery Energy Storage System to the medium voltage grid. The technological tests of the equipment and the storage installation were successfully carried out and at the end of October 2022, E-Distributie Muntenia issued the Commissioning Protocol.

We expect that in the following days the tests will be carried out in order to establish compliance with the operation in the generator mode as well as in the consumer mode with the provisions of Order 51/2019, respectively the tests to verify the requirements and the technical performance of the qualification to ensure the technological services of the system in accordance with the provisions of ANRE Order 89/2021. The test period will last approximately two to three weeks.

Being the first and the biggest project of this type in Romania, the tests and verifications represent both a challenge and at the same time a pioneering for us and for the TSO Transelectrica who is waiting with the greatest interest for the installation to be put into operation and to analyze the positive effects this will bring to the National Grid.

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All rights reserved LSG Group GmbH 2023